Odyssey & We Are The Hunters

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Odyssey & We Are The Hunters


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Tagi albumu: Odyssey & We Are The Hunters, Generator.pl, Odyssey, muzyka elektroniczna, ambient, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jarre, electronic music, Kraftwerk

AUTOR Odyssey
PRODUCENT Generator.pl
Kod produktu 006864

Lista utworów

The Four Elements 32'32
Energy 28'29


Odyssey, pod tą nazwą kryje się Tomasz Pauszek. Pochodzący z Bydgoszczy dyplomowany dyrygent. Po drugiej stronie barykady mamy formację We Are The Hunters. Tworzą ją dwie tajemnicze persony ukryte odpowiednio pod ksywkami: Sentionaut i Synthembryo. Niewiele jest na ich temat widomości w sieci, w związku z tym mogą pretendować do miana bycie "elektronicznymi The Residents". Odyssey zaprezentował nagranie The Four Elements, które rozciąga się do 32 minut. To przegląd bogatego bagażu dźwięków, które Pauszek prezentuje. Mając obycie z muzyką klasyczną i tu przemyca nieco monumentalne formy. Jego elektronika buzuje fosforyzującymi, sekwencyjnymi blokami. Gdzieś w tle majaczą się wpływy Klausa Schulze, z jego najlepszego okresu czyli z lat '70. Utwór The Four Elements rozwija się niespiesznie, co i raz odsłaniając kolejne niuanse brzmieniowe. Podobnie ma się rzecz z utworem sprokurowanym przez We Are The Hunters. Kompozycja Environmental Energy, plasuje się bliżej estetyki ambient. Ta kosmiczna elektronika zbliża się czasem do space pasaży ala Pete Namlook. W kolejnych minutach trwania tego utworu We Are The Hunters, jeszcze mocniej podkreślają technologiczne aspekty tego nagrania. A to wszystko dzięki temu, iż Environmetal Energy pulsuje syntetycznymi zadrapaniami, skwierczeniami i wyładowaniami owych elektronicznych energii. Niby dwa odmienne spojrzenia, ale warto zapoznać się z obydwoma. Udanie się uzupełniają, porywając w tajemniczą i niezbadaną przestrzeń.

R. M.

There is a few, almost not at all to tell the truth, information on this last find from the Polish label Generator.pl Odyssey & We are the Hunters is an eponym album which contains two long musical pieces with very Berlin School aromas, composed by Odyssey (The Four Elements) and We are the Hunters (Environmental Energy) and produced by Tomasz Pauszek, the man behind Odyssey. We know Odyssey to have been charmed by his fascinating electronic symphony; Music for Subway in 2012. We know on the other hand a little less We are the Hunters, a very discreet, subdued band which does into big ambient vintage Berlin School. The collaboration between both electronic entities could not thus give something uninteresting. And it's exactly what waits for us with this delicious album full of memories of the analog years.
It's in the ambiospherical precepts dear to the psychedelicosmic structures of the analog years that begins The Four Elements. The water oozes from the walls of a cosmic volcano, where the layers of a morphic synth are floating and boiling in organic tones. Fine sequences dance in their spheroidal shadows, shaping a static dance which spins in these lunar synth layers which make all the beauty of an introduction closer to sound experiments than well ordered structures. Then the silence widens its veil of mystery from the 7th minute, except for silvery gurglings which sparkle such as the lapping of a brook of prisms. This is there that is hatching a fascinating lunar ballad which swirls like an allegorical carousel under solos and cosmic sound effects. The ambience is fascinating and our eardrums are gobbling up this fusion of sounds which give a strange sonic show, whereas the synth is whistling some soft solos which adopt the airs of this melodic ritornello. The ambiences change of skin at around the 16th minute while that The Four Elements starts a beautiful structure of rhythm which undulates passively on good bass pulsations, sober electronic percussions and sequences which flicker in structures of criss-crossed underlying rhythms. Odyssey offers us a strange colorful synth-pop where Jean Michel Jarre's tribal, cosmic and rhythmic influences get mix in the robotics melodies of Kraftwerk. This phase of rhythm amplifies its velocity with a funk approach where the undulations gurgle of organic tones in some ethereal voices and these deep shouts which exhilarate the eardrums since the opening of this strange space-funk. We have already crossed the bar of 23 minutes when the heavy and vibrating pulsations stop and that The Four Elements kisses a phase more melodious, even melancholic, with a soft electric piano which scatters its pensive notes in the discreet chirping of a synth. It's a brief rest of 3 minutes before that some sequences begin to be champing at the bit and before that The Four Elements turns on itself in search of a rhythmic direction. The arpeggios swirl intensely under the cooings of a dreamy synth whereas that a sneaky whirlwind of sequences makes spin the last minutes of The Four Elements. Some bass and crystal clear sequences which get mix and whirl in a superb rhythmic chassé-croisé, laying the lines of a very good circular rhythm a la Jarre that rattling percussions and motionless twistings are surrounding in a cosmic mood from where filter soft solos full of analog fragrances. The first 13 minutes of Environmental Energy are a symphony of organic noises which gurgle in a dense ambiosonic broth where sing twisted lamentations from a synth tinted with the psychedelic perfume of Klaus Schulze's vintage years. Pulsations beat the languor around 13 minutes, bringing Environmental Energy towards a bubbling static movement where the bass sequences pulse and oscillate heavily on a linear movement decorated by sparkling arpeggios among which the ringings, as well as the chthonian airs, will be the only harmonies of this cosmic sound whirlwind which is reminiscent of the late Michael Garrison. Candy for old ears!
Odyssey & We are the Hunters is a real musical journey in the time of the analog rhythms. It's a more experimental side of the Berlin School style with a subtle zest of French School such as developed by Jean Michel Jarre. If we like these ambient rhythms which hypnotize and seduce due to their sonic pallets, we shall be more than delighted by this surprising album that made me dusted my old albums from Klaus Schulze and Michael Garrison. To be tamed for the greater pleasure of our ears.

Sylvain Lupari

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